Intention of Ecstatic Resolution 20/20

Retreat Namaste.jpg

We are here to Transform

It is our Intention to Use the Time during Ecstatic Resolution to Transform our Lives in a Positive, Light Filled, Meaningful Way.

We are Willing and Able to look at our Habit Patterns, shadows, our ways of Closing and Running Away… and are able to Evolve them.

Our Prayer is to Transform our Hearts, Minds, and Bodies, both as Individuals, and as a Community Together, through the tools we have available to us: Awareness, Forgiveness, Catharsis, Understanding, Compassion, Purging, Receiving, Allowing, Acknowledging, Appreciating, and others.

Ask Yourself what Changes you Want to Make in Your Life.

Together we will Play with the Tools of Transformation. We will Work with the Bodies we have been Given. We will Celebrate our Time Together on this Earth.

The Time is Now.

Let’s do this.

OSHO Tarot - Breakthrough Card

OSHO Tarot - Breakthrough Card